Captain’s (B)Log: Friday 12th of July 2019

The brass boys were here again this week being all Christmassy!...which was a bit odd seeing as the weather was so lovely, but we just imagined it was Christmas in Australia.

Also…while some of us stayed in Yorkshire, others had brilliant adventures in Sark this week!

Kate and the band were headlining at Sark Folk Festival, where we’ve never been before. We’d heard brilliant things about it, from fantastic scenery and nice people, to something about horses and carts, so Kate, Damien, Emma, Steve, the band and the rest of the family were keen to find out! We had a moment with Emma, to ask her a few questions about the trip…

Sal: How is gigging in Sark different from mainland UK?

Emma: You have to treat it like a ‘flyout’ gig - which means we have to source the larger equipment like the double bass, at the venue. Sark is quite unique though as the island is so small and we had to make the gig fit what we had. The festival team were amazing though and worked really hard to get everything together for us.

Cars/ Planes/ boats/ tractor and trailer and a horse and cart were all part of the journey!

Sal: How did people react to Kate's music and her visit?

Emma: People loved it! It’s so special to have that opportunity and everyone appreciates the effort made to get there. It has just the best view from the festival site - a great backdrop to the music.

Sal: Were there any differences in lifestyle/culture/food/drink?

Emma: Well, no cars makes such a difference. The pace of everything is much slower as you have to walk or cycle wherever you need to go. Amazing seafood!!

Sal: What were your favourite bits?

Emma: So many! The hospitality, meeting Christopher and Sarah at the Seigneurie, the beauty of the island, enjoying the festival, kayaking with the team - the list goes on. We are planning the next visit already.

More next week…

Earworm of the week: Anything Christmassy that we don’t want to be singing in July!

This week’s teabag count: 82 (the brass boys were back again!)

Album Quote of the Week (in honour of Sark):  " Oh to drive his two best horses, likewise his cart or plough."