Captain’s (B)Log: Friday 12th of October 2018

Autumn is definitely here and we’re working around school harvest festivals as well as Kate’s lovely autumn tour, she’s just gone to Canada and the pics from there in the ‘fall’ look gorgeous!

Did you know that the references to ‘fall’ rather than ‘autumn’ comes from the English phrase ‘fall of the leaves’.

It’s much quieter in the studio this week as the band and crew are over the pond, which leaves us a moment to chat to Sally, our social media thingy person ‘the one who does twitface’…and yes she is the one from ‘Kate and Sal’s Yarn’.

Joy: Do you have to give Kate any direction on her videos for FB or does she come up with the ideas?

Sally: It’s a mix really, sometimes I have an idea and sometimes Kate has something on her mind which she wants to convey via the medium of video or modern dance.

 Joy: When you are interviewing Kate at Underneath the Stars Festival on stage does she know what questions/excerpts from ‘the diary’ you are going to share?

Sally: We kind of plan what we need to get in and mix in a couple of songs (there’s never enough time!) and then there’s always some surprises from me that she doesn’t know about. Such as this year, she hadn’t actually heard that recording of her GCSE music tape for nearly 30 years! Also, she knew I had my whistle but I’m not sure she was prepared for just how amazing my playing was complimenting her singing! ;-)

Joy: Is it difficult working with a childhood friend when you have meetings about work? Don’t you just want to chat and catch up instead?

Sally: It’s great fun actually. From being very young we’ve always planned and done ‘shows’ and recorded tapes together so it just feels like that really. It’s a very comfortable relationship and time when we can get things done like a great team and also times to be really daft and laugh ‘til we cry. 

Record/earworm of the week:  Harvest Samba (practising for school harvest festival time!)

This week’s teabag count: 61 (empty studio this week but we’ve drowned our sorrows in tea)

Steve’s Word of the Week: “gerrit!”

More next week…