Captain’s (B)Log: Friday 17th of May 2019


The eagerly anticipated 'Philosophers, Poets and Kings' is OUT TODAY!

Always a proud moment and a cause for a celebration at a record company and a bit of extra excitement for tonight's gig in Derby...maybe that's why it was prudent to schedule a day off tomorrow?

So, the vinyl is on the way and it's going to be a continuing drama, so could be up for a BAFTA next year with the rest of the soaps? It's going to be SOOOOOOOOO exciting when it gets here though! Watch out for THAT photo! Can't wait.

This week we've been drowning in packaging, worrying about the packaging and the environment and excited to get the first Philosophers, Poets and Kings CDs into the post! We've got daily trips to the Post Office every day with a few sackfuls and it seems that they are arriving at their destinations and people are happy so that's always good to hear and those lucky people have them a day or two ahead of the release date which is today!

The band are back on tour again this weekend and next, so all beds at Edgemount are full; Sally and Joy had a wrestle with a large mattress so everyone had somewhere to stay! The glamorous life of record company staff!

Earworm of the week: 'Happy Birthday dear Emma...'

This week’s teabag count: 67 and some more cake...and some wine...

Lyric of the Week: “If it wasn't for wine we couldn't sing of Philosophers, Poets & Kings.” 

More next week…