Captain’s (B)Log: Friday 18th of January 2019

It's been a busy week at Pure Records this week. Not only are we on with albums but already booking in dates for way in advance! Time flies.

Kate has been doing something quite exciting with the Barnsley Youth Choir on a cold, damp Sunday somewhere in Yorkshire which we can't reveal just yet, but soon...

We've also had a soup-supping visitor recording in the studio this week in the shape of Jack Rutter (as seen on TV), so we asked him a few questions...


Sally: How has 2019 started for you?

Jack: A short tour with Moore Moss Rutter and a few solo gigs to start January off, then mid-January we began recording my second solo album which I’m really excited about.

Sally:  Do you prefer solo work or working with others?
Jack:  I don’t really have a strong preference, they’re both interesting and fun in their own ways. It’s very liberating and freeing to do a solo gig or album and take it any which way I fancy, but it’s also really enjoyable communicating and interacting with other musicians on stage, both are great .

Sally:  What are your plans for 2019?
Jack:  Well the solo album’s coming out later this year, with tours and gigs and festivals to accompany that, and there’s also tours with the Sam Sweeney Band, Jackie Oates and Moore Moss Rutter as well as other bits and pieces. All systems go really!

Sally: Which is the best county in the UK?
Jack:  I think pretty much anyone who’s asked this question would say their own home county so I’m going to go with Yorkshire, that’s quite a diplomatic answer there isn’t it?

Sally:'s the correct answer.

Sally: Tea or coffee?
Jack: Tea, as you can have unlimited tea really and never get too giddy whereas as delicious as coffee is, you can’t have unlimited coffee or you’d get far too giddy.  

Sally: Again...correct answer.  

Thank you to Jack Rutter there, let's put t'kettle on.

Earworm of the week: That 'something with the Barnsley Youth Choir' (but we can't tell you the name)

This week’s teabag count: 81 (it's been nippy and we've had guests)

Steve’s Quote of the Week: Nivver.

More next week…