Captain’s (B)Log: Friday 19th April 2019

What a Good Friday and a Happy Easter to everyone for this weekend!

Kate and Damien had an exciting trip to Ireland this week to appear on t'telly on t'Late Late Show with Dervish. A beautiful song that Kate has recorded with Dervish.

Philosophers, Poets and Kings went live for pre-order! on 17th April!!

Damien has also been back in the studio with Ron Block working on more banjo loveliness after the success of Banjophony album, more of that to come later.

There's also been a little bit more filming for something to amuse you in May...keep your eyes peeled.

Hopefully, we'll get a modicum of rest this Easter weekend with friends and family, but remember, it's perfectly fine to have chocolate for breakfast on Sunday! #chokky4brekky

Earworm of the week: Down by the Sally Gardens

This week’s teabag count: 38 - 4 day week, Thursday is the new Friday!

Steve's Quote of the Week: "I got the new loo seat - just got the bog standard"

More next week…