Captain’s (B)Log: Friday 22nd of March 2019

This week, we've been mainly packing and posting Changeable Heart CDs after Ruth Notman and Sam Kelly's album launch last Friday. There's also been loads of great feedback and airplay for it so we're very pleased for them.

After Sally's news last week, it's Emma's turn this week as our very own MD is doing the Monsal Trail Half Marathon for charity on Sunday. It will be a massive achievement, so we asked Emma a bit more about it all...

Sally: Tell us a bit more about how this run came about and what its all for...

Emma: A good friend, Helen, asked if I fancied the challenge  - it seemed like a good idea at the time! Training has mostly gone well though - we've been out and about, up and down the trails. Now it's only 2 sleeps away!!

We are raising funds for families in crisis through Jack and Paul’s memorial Heads Together Barnsley Charity (set up to provide support for families in trauma) and also raising awareness of the "Speak To Me" campaign "Let's acknowledge domestic abuse can affect everyone- silence keeps it alive." Please support us if you can 👍🏃‍♀️

Sally: Good luck Emma - and sisters are still doing it for themselves!

You can find out more and support their very good cause here:

Earworm of the week: Everybody wants to Run the World (The Tears for Fears Sport Aid version) especially for Emma's run.

This week’s teabag count: 48

Steve's Quote of the Week: "I keep saying the wrong worms" 

More next week…