Captain’s (B)Log: Friday 28th of June 2019

This week, despite the rain and heat combo, Damien has been working away on the Christmas album which is easier said than done when it's a heatwave outside! It's been lovely if not busy to have the brass boys around for this too. This week's pic is the brass aftermath...
Kate's also been busy with some filming that you'll be able to see in July and she's got another amusing video treat tonight and tomorrow, so watch out for that on Facebook. Her Proclaimers Plot is coming on a treat in honour of the Proclaimers playing at our festival in August.
Talking of festival, we're really amazed to announce that it's sold out, so we're all on trying to sort the logistics for a full house event (and the few extras we released too).
It's always a bit strange that we have to work six months in advance sorting things out for the Autumn and December tours whilst preparing for gigs coming up at the summer festivals! We really don't know what season we are in sometimes.
Enjoy the sun this weekend and Glastonbury on t'telly box and see if you can see our Emma who's gone down for a bit of festival production research! Hope she took some Yorkshire Tea and her wellies!
More next week…

Earworm of the week: Johnny B. Goode

This week’s teabag count: 83 (the brass boys cometh)

Album Quote of the Week:  "Had been but a dunce without wine"