Captain’s (B)Log: Friday 2nd of November 2018

There's a buzz around this week as we have now officially signed Ruth Notman and Sam Kelly for the next album!

It's really great to have a fresh addition to the Pure Records family and some new and different music floating around the corridors. 

Some of us are having a well-earned rest before the upcoming busy yuletide season, but for Sam and Ruth, it's all go, so we asked them a few questions...

Sally: What difference does signing to a record company make for you as performing artists?

Sam & Ruth:  It gives us the opportunity to make an album together which otherwise really wouldn't have been possible. Everyone at Pure is so friendly and relaxed. We felt at home there from the very first meeting, and it has been amazing to have their expertise and advice on board for our first ever project as a duo.

Sally: What's your individual stories before being a duo and how did you artistically come together?

Ruth: I had a truly brilliant music teacher at secondary school, Pete Bullock, he not only shared my interest in folk music but also gave me the confidence and ability to express it- so it’s a massive shame to see music education being cut in some schools. I was fortunate enough to make two albums in my late teens, though I took a little musical break while I went to university. I heard Sam played on the radio a few years ago and his voice and music were outright impressive, it’s really exciting to sing with him.

Sam: I got into folk music through my Irish grandfather who taught me to sing and play when I was little. I have some amazing memories of sitting listening to him sing and play Irish folk songs as a child, and I caught the bug from then really. I came across Ruth's music as a teenager and immediately fell in love with her singing. After I had released my first album I got in contact with Ruth to see if she’d be interested in singing together. We met up to do a bit of singing and writing and were so pleased with what we came up with that we decided to record an album together, and the rest is history!

Sally: What can you tell us about your as-yet-unveiled plans?

Sam & Ruth:  We have recorded an album that we're both extraordinarily excited about and proud of. Damien O'Kane was great to work with as a producer and guided us through the process, sprinkling his magic on the songs as we went. The album contains a mixture of traditional songs and our own compositions, approached with quite a modern twist. We're excited to get it out into the world and see what people think of it!

A big thank you to Sam and Ruth and definitely watch this space in the coming months.

Record of the week:  Waterfall (Sam Kelly and the Lost Boys)

This week’s teabag count: 22 - where did everybody go?!

Steve’s Quote of the Week: “It'll not always be dark at 6”

More next week…