Captain’s (B)Log: Friday 30th August 2019

Hello again!

So the question of the moment is ‘How on earth is it the end of August already?!’ See - the lovely apple tree at the studio reminding us that September is nearly upon us. Ooh and we saw a deer today while out walking the dogs!

We have thoroughly enjoyed the last few weeks and festivalled up to the hilt. Underneath the Stars was totally brill, even if ever so slightly wet around the edges which made everything quite hard work. We tested lots of plans to destruction and even created some new ones. You were all fab! We have such awesome volunteers to help us through and the build team - well - you are just amazing humans 💖🎪✨.

We then enjoyed some time beside the seaside at Whitby Folk Week and in the meantime, Kate and co have been to Edmonton in Canada, Beautiful Days, Tønder and Shrewsbury festivals. Thanks for the super hospitality at all of the above.

Onwards and upwards, the new school term is upon us so we can all get back to normal - whatever that is. We’ve got Autumn gigs on the horizon and a new Christmas album to keep us busy. 

More next week, Emma

Earworm of the week: Get Movin' (Feet Don't Fail Me Now), Cut Capers

This week’s teabag count: 41 (Joy is away but Tom called in added the extra one!)