Captain’s (B)Log: Friday 5th of October 2018

Pure Records is a hive of activity this week as the recording for Kate's new album has begun and it's all go with Christmas tour planning even though we're still trying to believe it's still Autumn.

The kitchen is quite full at dinner times (that's lunch for Southerners) with a mix of healthy salad prep and some real cooking!

As 'stuff' is happening at the moment we thought we'd grab one of the cogs in the wheel of the record making machine and ask them about their work...this week we're going to ask Producer, Damien O'Kane a few questions:

Sally: What does the job of a producer entail at this stage of the recording and what have you done up 'til now?

Damien: I have to make sure the music is ready to record and there are some post production duties in the studio ie setting up mics etc.  We’ve laid the bare bones of most of the tracks so far and got our acoustic and electronic sounds finalised.

Sally: Do you know now at this point exactly how you want the end product to sound? Does it always turn out how you think or does it change?

Damien: Both Kate and I will have a vision for the album at the outset but certain tracks will almost definitely evolve as the recording process goes on but still within the boundaries of the original vision ie we wouldn’t be asking Axl Rose to contribute ….    even though he’s really good.

Sally: You've produced other albums but what's it like producing your wife?

Damien: Very enjoyable. Kate’s music is very different to mine and it’s great to get to experiment in different ways.

Record of the week: The Witches of Elswick back catalogue.

This week’s teabag count: 103 (a busy studio with lots of tea breaks!)

More next week…