Captain’s (B)Log: Friday 6th of March 2020

...Another blog so soon you say?

Well, we thought we'd continue to let you know of the new changes at Pure Records in light of the lack of bricks and mortar and what better time to do it than on International Women's Day Eve Eve...(It's onSunday)

We're embracing the digital age and remote working (like all the cool kids are doing) and we're doing the whole video conferencing/hangout meeting thing with the new team.

You'll see from the photo of the glamorous world of remote meetings, that Emma our MD is still at the helm with Alison (our already amazing tour manager) working alongside Steve on tours and I'm back on the social media side amongst other things. 

Our Joy, who was part of Pure for a long, long time has moved on to other bricks and mortar at a very exciting local VFX and media company working in the gaming and media industries which is very exciting! We wish her all the best, it's an exciting place...have a

Kate also features in an exhibition of inspirational women for International Women's Day in Barnsley as part of this event on Sunday:

So, have a lovely weekend now that there are lighter nights and croci and daffodils are appearing.

See you soon, Sally.

Earworm of the week: Village Green Preservation Society (which may keep popping up as I'm working on a community shop project)

This week’s remote teabag count: (from York, Barnsley, Leeds and London) 63

Quote of the Day: 'It's not things in themselves that trouble us but the opinions we have about these things' Epictetus 55-135AD