Captain’s (B)Log: Friday 7th of June 2019

Emma visited the brilliant Barnsley Youth Choir this week to take them copies of the album where they sang on Halt the Wagons. It's always lovely to see them.
The teabag count is also up and that usually means that Kate is in the studio again - and just now she's been recording some vocals for the next new thing...more about that in the months to come. It's always a hive of activity when Kate is in the studio as it means studio dogs come too! #studiodogsofinstagram
We're also on the build-up to Underneath the Stars Festival with Steve wearing his 'Underneath the Stairs' t-shirt (see what he did there?) and Emma and Fee popping down to Cambridge for meetings. However, the big conundrum of the week is... what colour t-shirt for the merch? Your opinions in the comments would be appreciated.
Oh and we've shipped some CDs to a record shop in Japan this week - it's funny thinking that we are international from a small Yorkshire Hill!
 More next week…

Earworm of the week: 'Happy Birthday dear Jooooooe'

This week’s teabag count: 71

Steve's Quote of the Week: “She can eat two taties more than a pig”