Captain’s (B)Log: Friday 9th of November 2018

Well, after some well-earned rests for some of us we are back at it this week and this time of year is always busy with family birthdays too including that of Pa Rusby, Steve, so we thought we'd ask one of the founders of Pure Records, the man behind it all, a few questions...

Sally: What was your vision for Pure Records when it started and how does it compare to that vision now?

Steve: The vision was to set up our own label and recording facility to forward Kate's career; I think we have a achieved that to great affect and mean to continue along that path.

Sally: What have been the core values of the company that have seen you through?

Steve: After years of touring with musicians and listening to way they were being dealt with by the record industry I decided to start a label that would look after Kate, administer her publishing, pay her a proper royalty and Kate would have ownership and control over her music.

Sally: what's the future of the folk music industry in your opinion?

Steve:  The future of Folk Music is as secure as any genre of music, if not more so.  Folk music operates on many levels, as long as people are able to stand up and sing with one another folk music will be at the fore.

So there you have it - some insights from Mr Rusby himself...

Song of the week:  Happy Birthday to you!

This week’s teabag count: a meagre 19 - Joy made a welcome return on Weds but now Emma is away!

More next week…