Poozies - Infinite Blue

Poozies - Infinite Blue

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Infinite Blue (Poozies) PRCD03  Released 1998

Infinite Blue by The Poozies, a group of four talented women - Mary McMaster and Patsy Seddon on harps, fiddle and vocals, Karen Tweed on accordion and vocals and Kate Rusby on vocals, guitar and fiddle.

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1. Come All Yee Lonley Lovers
2. Hogties Reel/Si Morag/Lasses Fashion
3. Neptune
4. Crooked Road To Dublin/Tack Till Thomas
5. Ma Plaid/Freya Dances
6. Sorrows Away
7. Maja's Brudvals/Tanteeka/Lost in Fishponds
8. The Shepherd's Wife/Andrew Carr
9. The Mill House/Rabbit Stew/Freddie's Reel
10. The Maid of Llanwellyn/Emma & Jamie's Wedding