Hoovering the Moon

Hoovering the Moon

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Hoovering the Moon - WRR01   Released 2003

Willy Russell has been writing songs since the early 1960s. He wrote not only the book and the lyrics but also the score for his musical Blood Brothers. We can add to this the fact he has provided the scores for the feature films, Shirley Valentine, Dancin’ Thru The Dark and Mr Love as well as for the TV series Connie and the television play Terraces. You might start to wonder why this album is a significant release in our catalogue!

Hoovering The Moon contains 14 self-penned tracks, co-produced by Andy Roberts and Willy Russell. The album also features guest vocals from Barbara Dickson and Kate Rusby. The limited edition CD comes with a special portrait by Peter Edwards.

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1. China
2. Any Father
3. Dirty Little Habit
4. Genius
5. These Days
6. Underwear
7. My Little Sister
8. Glad Town
9. Mr King
10. She give Me
11. Pink Lambrusco
12. When We Get To London
13. Tupperware Girls
14. Crazy Days