Life in a Paper Boat, Vinyl Edition
Life in a Paper Boat, Vinyl Edition

Life in a Paper Boat, Vinyl Edition

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Life in a Paper Boat  (Vinyl)  PRVIN43  Release date: July 2017

The acclaimed studio album 'Life in a Paper Boat' was the first album of Kate's music to be pressed on double 180g heavyweight vinyl. The beautiful record sleeve has a matt finish, with a gatefold design to fit both LPs. Inner notes and lyrics are printed on the inside gatefold sleeves.

This vinyl was a limited release to 500 pressings, each vinyl hand numbered. These have now been sold and will not be reproduced.

We do however have a limited amount of unnumbered 'overs' available to release for sale, which will be signed instead with the Kate doodle - please see image below. To allow this signing the cellophane has been opened carefully at one side but will still remain as a protection for the album.

Please note this is a standalone product and does not come with a download code for a digital version of Life in a Paper Boat.

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1. Benjamin Bowmaneer
2. Hunter Moon
3. The Ardent Shepherdess
4. Life in a Paper Boat
5. Only Desire What You Have
6. Hundred Hearts
7. The Mermaid
8. Pace Egging Song
9. The Witch of the Westmorland
10. I’ll be Wise
11. Night Lament 
12. Big Brave Bill